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Technology and/or market surveillance system

that allows the user to leverage all the internal information generated and have all the new documents that appear on the Internet.

Automatic information sorter by theme content

XerKa spares the user the need have to know the classification criterion of the person entering documents in a data base. It directly recovers the documents that fulfill more than one characteristic, which avoids the time-consuming task of the conventional data bases of searching for documents in hierarchical directories.

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· Great precision and coverage
in the search for

exploration of the contents of the sites targeted

Comprehensive analysis of the contents of the document.

Filtering by type of document

Multilingual: Spanish, English, French, Basque,

multidimensional indexing

Dynamic reindexing

Easy browsing through 4 modules for querying and accessing information.

1) Theme Compass: Direct document querying and access

2) Xerka Alert (DSI): Warning service

3) Xerka Index: Complementary search by phrases or words


  4) Cluster: Search for similar documents


in wide digital information networks (internal and external information)

Xerka is a software solution that provides the user with the information he needs for his technological and/or market surveillance processes.

It is an information system that takes care of providing the user with the information he needs, sparing him the arduous job of capturing, analysing and classifying the information that is relevant for the company.

  • It is an information system that continuously explores any accessible digital information network (the Internet, private networks, etc.) selecting the sites that may be useful to the system (= automatic and intelligent capture of information)

  • It filters and automatically classifies the pages and documents found inside a multidimensional theme space that can be accessed either directly or through a warning system (=it analyses and classifies the documents according to their content using natural language processing tools)

  • It provides the user with agile and simple access to information (=distributes the information in the organisation) via a recovery model that responds:

· immediately: prior indexing
· by terms, concepts or by thematic intersection: multimodal
· by thematic similarity: multidimensional
· in Spanish, English, Basque and French: multilingual


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